Brazil – The Perfect Destination for Fertility Treatment

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Brazil – The Perfect Destination for Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment in Brazil: Brazil is the largest country in South America and is a one-stop destination for all kinds of tourism.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and is a one-stop destination for all kinds of tourism. America invites millions of tourists every year for recreational purposes, a business trip, medical purposes, shopping, cultural attractions, adventure and sports. Brazil comes with an impressive healthcare record, with leading private in addition to public hospitals functioning in the area.

Fertility Treatment in Brazil

Fertility treatment in Brazil

Brazil is a major center for medical tourism for cosmetic surgery for several years. Procedures are carried out in dedicated plastic surgery clinics. Brazil has recently expanded the availability of other types of medicine, including fertility treatment. The country includes a total of 150 centres offering infertility treatments and over 20 medical centres in Brazil are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International).

Doctors, fertility specialists and other senior medical staff in Brazil have often trained in the USA, and more speak English than the usual few years ago. Costs of remedies are highly affordable in comparison to the USA and the European union, as the value of the Real continues to be low against the US$. Facilities in clinics offering fertility remedies are high and success rates are comparable with the best in the world.

Infertility clinics are often registered with the Red Latinoamericana de Reproduccion Assistida, By Anvisa (a Brazilian Government Agency), the Brazilian Federal Medicine Council (CFM) and/or the National Surveillance Agency. Regulation reaches statute level and there is a national licensing body. In January 2011, Brazil, a nation that has the largest Roman Catholic population in the world, extended accessibility to IVF and other fertility treatments to lesbian couples, homosexual couples and single women.

Waiting time for IVF treatments is virtually zero

A few is advised they will need to be at the infertility clinic in Brazil for 14-21 days for treatment, which begins on the day’s arrival.Medical tourism agencies work internationally to set up travel and accommodation in Brazil,
as well as treatments with the infertility clinic of your liking.In the case of an abandoned or unsuccessful IVF cycle,
most clinics in Brazil provide a refund of 50% of the cost.

Average prices for IVF in Brazil

Costs for treatments vary with individual clinics; the following is really a rough guide based on prices quoted in January 2012.
Cost in                                                                                                USD               GBP             EURO
Just one cycle of IVF in Brazil costs, on average             $4000       £2,525          €3,030
Medication costs and blood tests are approximately    $400          £250              €300
A preliminary consultation costs around                           $170           £110               €130
Embryo freezing is charged                                                      $500         £315                €380
Egg donation     – single cycle costs No details available
Sperm donation     – utilizing a sperm donor costs No details available.

Brazil is definitely an exotic tourist location, having a mainly tropical climate, with rainforests and beautiful coastal scenery. Couples can certainly combine a cycle of IVF having a three-week holiday of a lifetime for a price that’s substantially less than just a holiday in areas.

Most fertility centers are in major coastal cities – Salvador, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, for instance, which offer beautiful scenery. However, medical tourists have to bear in mind that the crime minute rates are high. Brazil’s prisons contain about 500,000 people and the use of guns is rife; a medical tourism agency can provide you with detailed information about safety on your stay. Tourists resorts are fine, but straying into city locations for sightseeing must be done carefully.

Most Brazilians speak Portuguese, which isn’t a popular international language and English isn’t widely spoken. More fertility clinics that are looking to attract foreign business are actually employing a higher proportion of English-speaking doctors and nurses.

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