Find a Better Fertility Clinics in Cape Town

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Find a Better Fertility Clinics in Cape Town

The Cape Fertility Clinic is the top Fertility Clinic in South Africa. A modern sophisticated Laboratory allows all the latest assisted conception techniques to be used with great success.

The Cape Fertility Clinic, located in Cape Town, South Africa, offers Assisted Reproduction procedures, as well as Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic procedures for local and international patients. All procedures are performed by highly trained medical staff, with modern medical equipment.Cape fertility Clinic was established in 1993 by Dr Klaus Wiswedel and it is located in one of the most beautiful cities worldwide Cape Town, South Africa. The Cape Fertility Clinic has the largest IVF clinic in the country and a successful Egg Donation program, with more than 400 Egg Donation cycles performed per year. The clinic is purpose built with an IVF Procedure Room, Laboratory and Embryo Transfer Room that include a modern sophisticated Laboratory that allows all the latest Assisted Conception Techniques to be used with great success.

Best Fertility Clinics in Cape Town

Hart Cape Town Clinic

Hart Cape Town is a boutique fertility clinic based at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the Cape Town CBD. HART Cape Town is a multi-disciplinary fertility clinic which offers patient-centred, individualised treatment plans that incorporate psychological wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and integrated healthcare, while maintaining best-practice evidence-based medicine. As a small practice, we are able to give that personal attention while at the same time having a sophisticated medical approach. HART Cape Town has a state of the art Andrology & IVF laboratory and a fully equipped Theatre for on-site procedures.

Tygerberg Hospital

For couples battling to conceive, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a possible solution to the problem. However, this process can be costly, and is not a guaranteed solution as often many couples have to undergo several cycles of treatment before falling pregnant. Moneybags journalist, Jessica Wood, finds out more about IVF, and where you can cut costs. She finds that some Cape Town specialists are willing to charge far less than what some of the private clinics would charge.

Fertility Clinics in Cape Town

Fertility Clinics in Cape Town

Cape Fertility Clinic

Cape Fertility Clinic is located in Cape Town, in the region of Western Cape, South Africa and today it is the largest IVF clinic in this country, equipped with an advanced, sophisticated laboratory for the performance of all the latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART) with great success. esides, Cape Fertility Center runs a well-respected Egg & Sperm Donation Program and provides an extensive egg and sperm donor database, with the main advantages that there are no waiting lists and it is surrounded by an excellent legal framework.Cape Fertility Clinic is proud to be located in Cape Town, South Africa, since it is a top tourist destination in Africa. In fact, it was awarded in 2014 with the Top Touristic Destination Award by The Guardian and The New York Times. Cape Fertility is proud to have pregnancy success rates that reach over 60% for each patient.

Medfem Fertility Clinic

Since its inception in 1991, thousands of patients from South Africa and abroad have successfully received infertility treatment from highly qualified and experienced doctors and specialised fertility staff at Medfem. This treatment includes: IVF, ICSI, PGD, assisted hatching, donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogacy. Medfem Fertility Clinic performs 1200 IVF cycles per annum. Please explore the treatments available at Medfem fertility clinic.

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