Find the Best Fertility Clinic in Russia

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Find the Best Fertility Clinic in Russia

Russia has around the best infertility clinics offering treatment to residents and non-residents clinics in Russia.

Fertility clinics in Europe and Russia often offer expertise and success rates, at a lower price than fertility clinics in the usa or in Western Europe. Receiving fertility treatment in Russia isn’t just an option for Russian women. A lot of couples looking for cheaper options discover the thought of undergoing the treatment which will give them the chance to become parents abroad appealing, just like those who are in need of egg donors and also have difficulty locating one in their very own country. If you are looking into Russian fertility clinics in Russia.

Altra Vita

The AltraVita is a clinic in Moscow. It is known to provide up to date, last minute facilities with a very skilled, professional and caring staff to their clients. It is a famous Russian fertility clinic that has all latest medical facilities. Some of the treatments offered here include Ovulation induction; IUI, IVF and embryo transfer, egg donation, sperm bank and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of embryo.

Fertility Clinic in Russia

Fertility Clinic in Russia

Nova Clinic

Nova Clinic is a ISO certified specialist medical center for infertility and reproductive health, offering IVF, artificial insemination, egg donor programs, and surrogacy services. There are 10 fertility specialist at the clinic, and complete laboratory facilities.

AVA Peter Clinic

AVA-Peter is the largest provider of fertility clinic treatment in Europe carrying out over 5000 IVF cycles per year and specializing in egg donation with the only extensive egg donor database in Europe! the clinic has been in operation for over 25yrs and is fully accredited and ISO registered. the dedicated International team speaks many languages including English, French, German, Swedish and Russian. We offer the only money back live birth programmes for Embryo Adoption and also egg donation.

Locating clinics

If you’re already in touch with a fertility clinic in your town, asking if they have contacts with reputable clinics in Russia is an excellent method to go about finding a good clinic. Getting a list of best clinics on the internet, after which researching them individually, is yet another option. Then, there is a limited choice of Russian fertility clinics with American accreditation. Keep in mind that while a good website is unquestionably a sign of professionalism the clinic that provides the best website might not provide the best medical care.

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