Find a Better Fertility Treatment Specialist in Brazil

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Find a Better Fertility Treatment Specialist in Brazil

Brazil for fertility treatment clinics & Specialist is the cost with their success rates being above average.

Brazil has been a major centre for medical tourism for cosmetic surgery for many years. Procedures are carried out in dedicated plastic surgery clinics. Brazil has more recently expanded the availability of other types of medicine, including fertility treatment. The country has a total of 150 centres offering infertility treatments and over 20 medical centres in Brazil are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International). Doctors, fertility specialists and other senior medical staff in Brazil have often trained in the USA, and more speak English than a few years ago. Costs of treatments are highly affordable in comparison to the USA and western Europe, as the value of the Real is still low against the US$. Facilities in clinics offering fertility treatments are high and success rates are comparable with the best in the world.

Infertility clinics are usually registered with the Red Latinoamericana de Reproduccion Assistida, By Anvisa (a Brazilian Government Agency), the Brazilian Federal Medicine Council (CFM) and/or the National Surveillance Agency. Regulation is at statute level and there is a national licensing body. In January 2011, Brazil, a country that has the largest Roman Catholic population in the world, extended availability of IVF and other fertility treatments to lesbian couples, homosexual couples and single women.

Dr. Daniella S. Castellotti

PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is a test that can be used in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to diagnose a genetic or chromosome disease in embryos before implantation in the mother’s uterus. Couples at greater risk of having children with such genetic abnormalities as Down’s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, or Hemophilia can discover by means of this test whether the embryo has any of these diseases. This technique, used in fertility treatment, consists of removing for analysis one cell from the embryo (embryo biopsy) in a laboratory, on the third day of development, when the embryo has about eight cells, before placing it in the uterus. This procedure does not affect the future baby and can provide a result in only a few hours.

Fertility Treatment Specialist in Brazil

Fertility Treatment Specialist in Brazil

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Dr. Elsimar Metzker Coutinho é, indiscutivelmente, um homem que nasceu para fazer história. Há mais de 50 anos, suas pesquisas e descobertas nos campos da saúde e da reprodução humana vêm quebrando paradigmas e derrubando conceitos milenares. Por sua imensa contribuição à saúde e ao bem-estar do ser humano, é reconhecido mundialmente como um ícone da medicina. Mas o que faz desse brasileiro, nascido em Pojuca – Bahia, um profissional singular e à frente de seu tempo não são apenas as centenas de trabalhos publicados nos quatro cantos do planeta. Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho é, acima de tudo, um apaixonado pela medicina. Uma paixão que, segundo ele, foi herdada.

IVF treatments is virtually zero

A few is advised they will need to be at the infertility clinic in Brazil for 14-21 days for treatment, which begins on the day’s arrival.Medical tourism agencies work internationally to set up travel and accommodation in Brazil, as well as treatments with the infertility clinic of your liking.In the case of an abandoned or unsuccessful IVF cycle.

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