Learn About Bahamas Medical or Health Insurance

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Learn About Bahamas Medical or Health Insurance

The Bahamas is located in the Caribbean. It has a strategic location alongside the United States (South East of Florida) and Cuba (North East).


The Bahamas occupies a 13,940 sq km archipelago, which extends 950 km South East-North West and 298 km North East-South West between Southeast Florida and Northern Hispaniola. The country can be a coral archipelago of 700 islands, 29 that are inhabited, and over 2,000 rocks and cays. The Bahamas’ capital is Nassau, found on New Providence Island in the center of the island group.

Bahamas Medical Insurance

The Bahamas features a tropical maritime climate, creating generally year-round good weather for the country. You’ll find two seasons in Bahamas, namely summer from May to September and winter, that’s from October to April.

A Bahamian winter temperatures are usually around 21°C, which is the same as summer to a lot of countries. The Bahamas is definitely an English speaking country, which gained its independence from Britain on July 10, 1973. 85% of the population in the Bahamas endures two major islands, New Providence and Grand Bahamas.

The healthcare system in the Bahamas includes both public and private sectors. The Government of Bahamas provides the majority funding on healthcare. The Secretary of state for Health (MOH) accounts for the development of health policies, planning, regulations, monitoring and evaluation, public health services and financing. The health sector consists of four areas of services namely the Secretary of state for Health, Department of public health, public hospitals authority and the private sector.

While the MOH has oversight for the provision of healthcare, it’ll so with the involvement of the private health sector apart from Grand Bahamas, where the department of public health makes up about the delivery of primary preventative healthcare, delivered throughout the Bahamas at the various Government owned clinics and health centres.

Healthcare in the Bahamas

The standard of healthcare in the Bahamas is undoubtedly of very high quality. Currently in the Bahamas, primary healthcare in the public sector comes free of charge to all civil servants, children, pregnant women and persons who’re at the chronilogical age of sixty or over. If necessary, the Government contracts and subsidizes private sector services.

There are a number of hospitals in the major islands, which are equipped with the latest technology as well as according to highly trained medical professionals. However, under certain health problems or circumstances, it would be necessary to take the patient to the Usa for treatment.

Archipelagic nature of Bahamas

The archipelagic nature of Bahamas can be a challenge to the healthcare system where access and equality of healthcare is difficult. In some of the smaller islands, the hospital facilities will add up to walk-in clinics, which are open only one or two days each week and human resources in the healthcare area are inadequate.

Numerous the islands have formed their particular emergency response services, which support by way of volunteers to administer emergency medical treatment and transport of patients to the nearest hospital if needed.

Medical facilities in the Bahamas

Although medical facilities are available on the major islands, these facilities can prove to be expensive. It is also common that the Bahamian hospitals and doctors normally request cash payment in advance before treating someone; so get a telephone that one have enough cash to cover the cost of treatment and consultation.

Thus, if you are planning to travel to or live in the Bahamas for just about any long-term period, it is highly recommended to purchase an individual health insurance plan. It is important to note that many Bahamian hospitals and clinics don’t accept US health insurance plans. Prospective tourists/expats should talk to their health care provider for choices to coverage if they possess a domestic USA health insurance policy.

The mission of the Bahamas Government is always to provide quality healthcare that’s affordable and available to all its citizens. It’s also one of the top priorities of the Government to look at alternative means of funding healthcare.

One of the major health system strengthening initiatives that the Government is actually proposing is the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan, that’s mandatory for all legal residents of the Bahamas, no matter age, income, and health status. That is to ensure a high quality, universal and affordable healthcare for all those citizens.

Family Islands with Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle programmes

In this proposed NHI Plan, members benefit with use of ready, timely health services when the need arises. NHI covers costs for outpatient visits, prescription drugs, lab tests and imaging services, In-hospital care, overseas care for services unavailable locally and in emergency cases, Emergency transportation for patients from the Family Islands and Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle programmes. The cost for NHI is borne by workers, employers, the self-employed and pensioners, all making contributions based on their ability to pay.

The Bahamas Government pays contribution for kids and qualified low-income individuals. Tourists and illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to NHI and will have to pay for the healthcare services they receive. At the moment, the NHI Plan’s still in the design stage, once the consultative phase is performed and a final review of the proposal is undertaken, the universal healthcare plan can unveil in the country.

As far as expats or foreigners in Bahamas are involved, they are not covered under the current Bahamas healthcare system or the proposed NHI plan. For reassurance understanding that medical costs is going to be covered in case of the accident or illness by yourself and your family members while travelling or staying in Bahamas, an expat medical insurance plan’s going to be the optimal solution for you personally.

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