6 Outdoor Games To Play For A Family Picnic

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6 Outdoor Games To Play For A Family Picnic

A picnic without any games can turn out to be boring. Here are some picnic games ideas that can help you in making your outing fun.

Picnics are the best way in which you can bond with friends, family members, colleagues and classmates. To add some additional entertainment to a picnic, there are a variety of different picnic games that can be played. These games frequently will offer the opportunity for players to work as teams as they try to defeat the other teams competing against them at the picnic. All in all, this fun-filled occasion is simply incomplete without recreation and a handful exciting games. Here are some options for games that you can include in your picnic plans.

Fun Outdoor Picnic Game Ideas:

Blanket Volleyball

When the eating’s all done, make use of those picnic blankets. Set up two teams of four or two people, each with their own blanket, and with one team member holding one or two corners of their team’s blanket. Have one team serve the volleyball by placing the ball in the middle of the blanket, lowering it then raising it quickly as a team, to allow the ball to become airborne. The opposing team must catch the volleyball in their blanket and toss it back again.

Sack Race

The rules of a sack race are almost similar to any other kind of race. The difference here is, you will have to reach the finishing point with the lower half of your body inside a sack! This game gets really hilarious as you see your family members jumping desperately in order to reach the finishing point before the others.

Wet Sponge Relay Race

A wet sponge relay race requires a large sponge, pitcher and a bucket of water for each team. The teams should have at least four people of similar height, so you may need to separate the teens from the younger children. To play the game, the person at the front of a line dunks a large sponge into a bucket of water and passes it over his head to the person behind him. The second player in line then passes the sponge over her head to the next player. The players pass the sponge until it reaches the last player, who wrings the remaining water into a pitcher. The player at the end of the line then runs to the front and dunks the sponge into the bucket of water. The process repeats until water in the pitcher reaches the “fill” line. The first team to fill the pitcher wins.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is a great way to expend some energy after an afternoon of binging on picnic food. Print up a list of items anyone can easily find in proximity to the location of the picnic. Set a time limit based on the amount of items that are on the list. All players leave at the same time, and the first one back with pictures of every item is the winner.

Balloon Head Race Game

Balloon head race game to be played at picnics. In this game a balloon is placed between the heads of two teammates. Inflating the balloon only partially will make it more challenging. The teams then compete against each other as they try to transport the balloon from a starting line to a finishing line without using their hands at all. If the balloon falls to the ground or is touched by either player’s hands, the team must return to the starting line. If it slips from between their heads but is still lodged between the players’ bodies without touching the ground, they can continue towards the finish line. Water balloons can also be used in this game, resulting in teams running the risk of not only losing, but getting wet as well.

Sack Race Game

Sack Race Game

Treasure Hunt Game

Most children love this game. As for the adults are concerned, this is a game that most of them must have already played as a child. Play it now and you will see, the fun will still be the same. A couple of things written on a list are to be found. These items should be skillfully hidden at strategic places at the picnic spot. Certain points should be allotted to each item. It is a nice game to be played almost anywhere, but when you play this game at a family picnic, there will be so many different places where you can hide stuff. You will be surprised to see the competitive spirit coming out of your family members as they go about hunting for treasures.

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