7 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

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7 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Sports are most often played just for fun or for the simple fact that people need exercise to stay in good physical condition. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous sports around the world.

The oldest definition of sport is of anything humans find amusing or entertaining. But today sport is all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants. Hundreds of sports exist, from those requiring only two participants, through to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals.

Sports are not just synonymous with physical as well as mental fitness, they are equally known for giving the thrill, excitement and spine chilling effects which can only be best experienced. They are overall part of a highly dangerous game which can even go to extremes as well. The game of wrestlers, bull fighting and those who indulge in racing etc are perfectly attributed of such traits. Here is a list of some of the most risky and dangerous sports around the world.

Bull Riding

It is a vigorous sport that involves rodeo rider jumping over a large ferocious bull and trying not to fall all this time while the animal still kicking and pushing him around a attempt to throw the competitor off-balance. In the tradition of American sport, it is considered a winner if it is able to stay put for 8 seconds or more. To achieve this risky feat, a first tightening his hands on the bull with a long braided rope gently for support. This dangerous sport has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports the” for good reason.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle biking or racing is one of the famous sports of today. We find youngsters taking in great leap of interest in riding heavy bikes and doing all kinds of actions. Their life seems to be revolving around new branded bikes and all they need is an opportunity to start off with a motor race. Despite of being a famous sport, it is highly dangerous. Professional bike racers require to race on various kinds of tracks that are definitely not easy and furnished. There are different kinds of motor cycle racing a few of which demands racing on rugged hilly surface with rocks and trees, riding from a high slope, roads with cone-shaped caps places to create a twisting way and even providing bikers with bugs on their windscreen. And all the while, they need to maintain the balance at an extremely high speed rate. Such a race proves fatal and is pretty disastrous causing several Physical injuries.

Street Luge

Street luge is a lot like skateboarding, except the rider is in a supine position on the luge board or sled, as he dashes down a paved road or course at extremely high speed. The legality of this extreme gravity-powered activity is a shady issue. Participants are required to put on protective leathers and helmets, or the chances of getting smashed by vehicles that will most likely not notice the riders, will go higher. The chances of collision on road are high, short of which, only the feet work as brakes.

Mountain Climbing

It is climbing high landforms such as hills, mountains and plateaus of thrill and fun. You need special outfits to achieve this feat since the places mentioned above are quite remote; they have a rocky terrain that can bruise the skin injury and the cause if the body is not well protected. In addition, before participating in this sport, it is advisable for one to seek the services of a guide who can provide professional shipping direction through the rugged outback territory.

Base Jumping

Base jumping can also be mockingly called as “attempted suicide”. It is a total reckless and bizarre kind of a sport. It is certainly not for faint hearted people. Therefore, you have to be skilled in having immense control over your heart and nerves as it requires you to dive from a lot of height especially from the top of a building etc. There has been news that five to ten people loose their lives annually in such a sport.

Base jumping extreme sport

Base jumping extreme sport

Heli skiing

People can go to any extent to enjoy the thrill of one of the most expensive and deadly sports in the world- Heli Skiing. It’s a kind of sport which involves a downhill skiing on snow-capped mountains that is accessed by a helicopter unlike a ski lift. Heli skiing is basically about skiing in a selected environment and the skiers prefer to ski in pleasurable conditions which although are difficult to figure out as the whole terrain remains snow-filled. It carries with it great risk. Some skiers prefer spots that are isolated from crowd and close to avalanches involving effortless powdered snow-caps to the most difficult snow possible, that is, breakable wind crust. The conditions vary from run to run depending upon wind and solar aspects. The mountain terrain is diverse where the heli skiing takes place. Though it seems breathtaking and beautiful along with the untold thrill, yet it is extremely dangerous and a little off balance can lead to accident. Many such accidents in the recent past have led to the deaths of the skiers.

Cave Diving

It involves swimming underwater in mysterious caves that are partially filled with water. The gear used to undertake this sport varies depending on factors such as the clarity and depth of water. However, almost all of these shipments diving involve the use of special equipment diving. This dangerous sport requires unique technical diving skills because it may involve decompression. Compared to scuba diving and caving, there are many practitioners who participate in the sport because of its high risk nature.

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