Winter Olympics 2014 Sochi Uniforms Unveiled

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Winter Olympics 2014 Sochi Uniforms Unveiled

Ralph Lauren designed the Opening Ceremony uniforms, which were manufactured in the USA.

The United states Olympic Team Opening Ceremony uniforms are revealed along with their patchwork style of stars and stripes, these knitted cardigans from designer Ralph Lauren somehow more closely resemble that ugly Christmas sweater your grandmother wears each year. Stamped having a Produced in America label, the shawl cardigans are emblazoned with Stars & Stripes within Stars & Stripes and will also be worn throughout the opening ceremony the following month. Bucking the typical synthetic tracksuits, the cardigan continues to be teamed by Polo having a woollen reindeer hat, cream turtle neck jumper, white sweatpants and black leather boots.

Winter Olympics 2014 Sochi Uniforms Unveiled

Winter Olympics Uniforms

What’s most surprising is that these “unique” ensembles are rather pricey which range from $75 for the belt (yes, there’s a belt), to $598 for your patriotic sweater. But again, no shame all of the proceeds is going to be going to the United states Winter Olympic Committee.The remaining Olympic uniforms are made by Ralph Lauren too, but, towards the relief of all of the athletes, don’t bear much resemblance towards the Opening Ceremony digs.

What are the Stories about Uniforms?

What are people saying about the uniforms? and do you know the reactions? US Winter Olympic Uniforms seem like Ugly Grandma Sweaters! Sourcing the more than 40 domestic partners who helped manufacture the uniforms was “a lot more complicated than people imagine,” Lauren says, considering the quality, consistency and quantity desired. “It’s harder to accomplish in America simply because so many vendors no longer exist.”

Team U.S.A. Olympians is going to be wearing their ugly sweaters with turtlenecks underneath, as well as the fleece “athletic pants” is going to be tucked into cable-knit socks and combined with a cotton ribbon belt (adorned with patriotic jacquard graphics, naturally). The one shining spot within this outfit? The black-leather work boots with red laces, which are actually super rad, and we’d like a pair in our size, please-and-thank-you.

Consequently, the price for consumers trying to parade their patriotic pride alongside Team USA is steeper compared to Olympics past, from $75 for any belt to $598 for any symbol-showered sweater. Completing the ensemble are white fleece pants ($165), a cream cotton turtleneck ($245), red-laced, alpine-ready black leather boots ($395) as well as an earflapped wool reindeer hat ($95). The collection can be obtained at and

Most of the pieces are restricted-edition, including the cardigan, whose “design philosophy,” Lauren says, ended up being to hark returning to that most American of crafts, the patchwork quilt. The opening, vs. closing, ceremony outfit is definitely “maybe a little bit more festive,” he says, but “especially this year.” At least one from the initial wearers agrees. “What I absolutely love when view it is I could see the patriotic spirit,” says women’s hockey forward Julie Chu, 31. “When everyone’s wearing it together, it makes a bold statement.”

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