What Are The Health Benefits of Playing Rugby?

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What Are The Health Benefits of Playing Rugby?

The playing rugby allows participants to engage in physical activity, which is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Benefits from Playing Rugby help the body develop endurance and speed. It also boosts immunity. Players of the game have been reaping these benefits from rugby since ages.Briefing you about Health Benefits of Rugby, this article outlines some of the significant health benefits from rugby.Developed in England in the 1800s, rugby has become an international sport that has gained tremendous popularity in such countries as Australia, South Africa, Europe and America. The sport has many similarities to American football in that it is a contact team sport with the goal of getting the football over the opponent’s goal line. Whether it’s played recreationally or competitively, rugby is a great sport to stay healthy and fit.

Benefits of Playing Rugby

Stress reduction

The release of endorphins while playing the game is enough to lift your mood and help aid a better night’s sleep. Through triumphing over a challenging situation during the game, players build resilience to stress and are often able to better tackle problems off the field.

Bone Health

Any game, especially ball games like soccer and rugby work their magic on the bodies by toning the muscles. The movements made during the game require the use of various crucial muscle groups. Their use helps them burn fat and unleash its true shape.

Improves flexibility

Agility is key, with the feet and hands requiring sudden changes of direction and pace. The constant twisting and sudden dodging can also help with flexibility.

Health Benefits of Playing Rugby

Health Benefits of Playing Rugby

Weight loss

Rugby, much like soccer requires running around except rugby players run around with the ball in hand. While you vary your pace between fast paced walking, running for your life and simply large steps, the body adapts to melting the layers of fat between the skin and the strong fibrous layer of muscles underneath.

Improves mental state

Rugby, like most team sports, is able to give participants a sense of purpose and a place within the team. In addition, the sense of camaraderie with teammates can be an important part of helping individuals move towards a more positive frame of mind. Physical activity can be a huge aid to any mental health treatment regimen.

Speed and Agility

A good, competitive game of rugby requires sudden variation in terms of pace and thus regular fluctuations in the energy consumed. This helps the body to prepare itself accordingly. After a while, the right decisions judging the motion of the ball almost come as a reflex. With experience, rugby has the invincible potential to make your body agile and react appropriately by improving conduction of nerve impulses.

Increased self-confidence

Rugby offers teenagers increased confidence and self-respect, as the ultimate character-building sport. It fosters courage, fitness, team effort and togetherness, bringing together boys and girls from all backgrounds.

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