Top 8 Most Popular Sports America Loves to Play

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Top 8 Most Popular Sports America Loves to Play

Sports of different kinds play an important role in American society. Here are the 8 most popular sports in the United States.

The American people love their favorite sports. Americans are so passionate about sports they love watching games on TV and make conversation on the internet about their favorite sports with strangers. A sport is an activity that keeps us physically engrossed along with nurturing ones physical skills while deriving a source of recreation for both the players and the spectators back in the gallery. If you ever happen to look at the medal tally of the Olympics, then one country that undoubtedly has carved out the top slot for itself is USA.

In the culture of the United States of America the sports are an important part. The US professional soccer league is also gaining a status in The most popular sports. In the US the teams in all sports run as a franchise within a league, which means any team can move to a different city if the team feels it is a financial benefit for them. In the US, the sports are usually associated with education. Most schools and universities in the US have organized sports. The NCAA is the sanctioning body in the United States for the college sports.


It is another most popular sport after Football in the US. It also best ranks in fan-following in the world. The competitions of basketball are organized by NBA or National Basketball Association. It has recorded the attendance of around 14000 fans in each match.


Although in terms of media broadcasting and public viewership, soccer is not a very popular sport in the U.S as in Europe, it still enjoys a high amount of participation at the college and university level competitions and championships. It is a team sport and statistics has it that nearly 13 million people in the states play soccer as a sport of their interest. Both men and women show equal enthusiasm in participating in all major events although the Men’s team showed more success in the World Cups. Some well-known American Soccer players are Kyle Rote and Shep Messing who found a place in the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Ice Hockey

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the four major sport leagues of America. Ice Hockey has increasingly become popular in America after the 1980 Winter Olympics when the American team went on to win gold thus claiming a “Miracle on Ice”. Ice Hockey basically originated in Canada and is among the other team sports that see huge crowds cheering up the teams. It was played in Midwest and Northeast America due to cold climate that facilitated natural open ice hockey grounds for people to play on. However, thanks to its popularity, its even played in closed artificial grounds that attract large number of spectators during fiercely fought professional matches. Chris Chelios and Michael Thomas are some famous ice hockey players who were also influential in popularizing the game among the public.


The national pastime in the US, Baseball has two levels in competition – minor league baseball and MLB (Major League Baseball). Along with the US, other countries are also witnessing its popularity.


Another common team sport, Volley ball sees a lot of participation from the student community in all sports fests and Inter-college competitions. Though both men and women take part, there is a lot of hype and supported sponsorship for the women’s version of the game. Volleyball competitions among women is a common sight in all national championships. Also volleyball is one of the favourite pastimes of Americans, especially at beaches where it’s called Beach Volley. Karch Kiraly and Logan Tom are among the notable volleyball players of USA.

American Football Sport

American Football Sport

Ice Hockey

It is usually referred as “Hockey”. In countries where field hockey is played, the “Ice Hockey” name is used. It is widely played in North America and Canada. The men’s hockey is highly organized by the National Hockey League in North America. In Winters Olympic, America was also the winner of first Gold Medal.

Martial Arts

The American youngsters are showing their deep interest in this sport and Martial Arts has become one of the most important parts of this category.

American Football

Apparently, a game that has the maximum reach among the American populace. There are teams representing local schools, colleges and other associations with several accolades for the winning team. This is one sport that people connect with and identify themselves with. Steve Young and Jerry rice are among the best the game has ever seen. The game requires strength and coordination equally distributed among the members of the team. A variant of rugby, American football was developed by Walter Camp in the mid nineteenth century.

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